Of course, we make sure that your website is prepared for everyday challenges. We ensure that images, texts, new landing pages and product pages are optimized even before you create them.  

  No, we only work on the staging site, so there will be no downtime.

  We optimize your website’s Core Web Vitals in our speed optimizations.
However, we do not guarantee that Core Web Vitals will be approved in Google Search console and origin data in Google PageSpeed​​​​Insight.

  Riised A/S guarantees 100% that no information from your backend is saved or shared with anyone other than those associated with your optimization.

  Your website has its optimal speed, but it may slow down from time to time when you try to test it. If you measure your website’s speed while there are visitors, your server lags or if you are on a bad network, fluctuations in speed may occur.

  If you have several websites, we can give a total price for optimizing the speed of your websites.

  If you change the theme, design, plugins, server, hosting or similar, your website’s speed may decrease.
Updates and optimizations on plugins, WordPress, php, etc., which have an impact on the speed of your website.

  Yes, we offer maintenance of your website speed. Every 15 days we optimize your website so that it maintains its speed even if you make changes.

  The short answer is that we don’t touch anything in the backend, so it has no influence on the backend speed.

  Above, you can check your website’s speed via the “speed test”. These are live numbers from Google PageSpeed ​​​​Insight. You can also test your website on GTmetrix.com and Pingdom.com.

  From the time we start optimizing, it takes less than 5 working days to optimize the speed if you have less than 500 pages.
If you have more than 500 pages, it may take longer, but we work in the background, so you will not notice that we are there .

  The only thing we do is speed optimization of websites, which means that we 100% know what we are doing and therefore we can say in advance that we can optimize your website. If, contrary to expectations, it cannot be done, the optimization is free.

  Yes and no. You may change images, texts, prices, etc., but you may not change plugins, design or set up third-party scripts, such as analytics, chat or the like.

  Mobile speed is one of the most important factors in your business. It ensures that your customers can navigate easily, you get higher rankings on Google, your advertising is cheaper, your reach on Facebook is better and many more advantages.

  Yes, send us your websites and we will take a look and find a total price for your optimization.

  Yes, we work with agencies. Write to info@riised.dk for more details.

  Fordelene ved en hurtig hjemmeside er mange. Vi har uddybet dem allesammen her.

  Du er velkommen til at stille alle de spørgsmål du vil.
Vi er tilgængelige på mail og telefon.

  Efter vi har optimeret din hjemmeside, så sørger for at alle fremtidige billeder du uploader automatisk konverteret til Webp. Det samme gælder hvis du laver en ny landingsside eller produktside, så er den automatisk optimeret.

  We always use “Raised Performance”. In most cases, we also need to use a cache plugin for HTML cache.


Live webinar "Alt om Google PageSpeed"

Deltag i webinaret og bliv klogere på, hvordan du kan bruge Google PageSpeed til at øge omsætningen i din webshop.

Deltag i webinaret og bliv klogere på, hvordan du kan bruge Google PageSpeed til at øge omsætningen i din webshop.